To make the purchase, storage and administration of your own cask as convenient and successful as possible, we are offering different services – for example drawing samples for you, re-racking or finishing your whisky in exceptional casks, arranging the bottling, and also selling your cask again after its value has increased.

Most of our casks on offer are stored in several warehouses all over Scotland. When you buy a cask from, we will move it to our own storage area in the Lowlands where we can keep an eye on it and directly execute several services for you.

The fee for the storage is GBP 1 / week (GBP 1.19 incl. VAT) for octaves, quarter casks, wine and rum casks, barrels and hogsheads, and GBP 1.25 / week (GBP 1.49 incl. VAT) for sherry butts and port pipes.

This weekly fee includes:

  • managing all inquiries and requests
  • all necessary paperwork
  • basic insurance against fire / theft covering the purchasing price of a cask
  • duty representation if needed

All additional services are charged separately.


If you want to know how your spirit is developing, just ask for a sample. We will draw it directly from your cask and ship it to you. Normally you will receive 5cl to 20cl, but bigger samples are also possible. The fee for a sample depends on the amount, duties and shipping cost.


If we detect a leakage, we will contact you directly. In urgent cases or if we are unable to contact you, we directly re-rack the spirit into a cask of the same kind at your expense. Smaller leakages can often be fixed with tree gum or silicone – this is not as expensive as re-racking the whole cask.

Please note that there is no guarantee that every leakage is detected at all / immediately.

Re-racking and Finishing a Cask of Whisky

If you want to give your whisky an exceptional finish, we can offer you a wide range of different casks like Pedro-Ximenez sherry casks, Oloroso hogsheads, rum casks, Amotillado sherry butts, wine casks from Bordeaux or Burgundy, bourbon barrels from Tennessee or Kentucky, and also Ex-Islay casks. We advise you to choose casks of the same size which can be filled up to the brim with your spirit. You can also split the spirit into smaller casks like sherry octaves or quarter casks.