YOUR WHISKY CASK Whisky Is Our Passion



Once you have purchased a cask of whisky, we can arrange movement to a warehouse of your choice. Movements are charged by a lump-sum fee, which includes fees for neccessary paperworks as well. If you are based in UK and buying whisky for business purpose, please keep in mind that you do need a WOWGR. Customers who are based outside UK or not buying whisky for commercial use (i.e. whisky societies) do need a Duty Representative who´s willing to keep the stock for you. We are collaborating with warehouses who are happy to do so (this normally does not occur any additional fees).


We transfer the ownership to you once a cask has been moved to a warehouse you are able to store casks at. The warehouse will invoice you for the storage directly. Please keep in mind that most of the warehouses are not open for the public and only a few allow you to visit casks and only by appointmen. Samples can be requested directly, samples do occur fees for drawing, duty and shipment and will be charged to you separately.

Bottling / Export Preparation

We can help you through the whole bottling process and assist you including the preparation of export and respective shipping. Please contact us directly if you require our support and consultancy. 


Please note: how to import of spirits/alcohol differs from country to country. Please refer to local experts (duty department / tax consultants / specialist hauliers) as we can not advise how to manage duty and potential taxes in every country of destination and consumption.


We can offer a small variety of different labels for your bottles that are inkeeping with the regulations of the SWA (Scotch Whisky Association), and we are happy to provide them to you as we want to see our casks bottled and enjoyed in your glass.

Selling A Cask

All our customers have to agree that all casks bought from us do not end up on whisky auctions or on online sales forums. If we detect casks from us on those platforms, we will contact them and instruct them to withdraw the offer by showing the contract a buyer has signed. If you like to sell a cask of whisky instead of bottling it, we are defintiely happy if you contact us or other  independent bottlers who are interested in filling the spirit into bottles.