YOUR WHISKY CASK Whisky Is Our Passion

Cask to Glass Philosophy

Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a hand-crafted product that delights many people all around the world. Whether peaty or with vanilla notes, matured in ex-bourbon barrels or in sherry hogsheads – whisky is a luxury product. And – making whisky, maturing it or giving it a quality finish is an art. An art that should end in the glasses of the whisky connisseurs to accompany a pleasant evening or a gathering with good friends.


Distilleries in Scotland do receive more and more requests, especially from private individuals, asking for casks of whisky. All distilleries, who are offering casks of whisky, are promoting their offers on their own websites. And if a distillery does not offer the opportunity to own a cask of whisky on their website – don´t ask. 


Many distilleries in Scotland are supplying companies like us, as they really appreciate if their spirit ends up in a glass to be enjoyed. They want you to discuss the taste of the distillery´s typical character. They are proud, if whisky enthusiasts enjoy the product – at home, in bars or at tasting shows.  


But: They do not like finding their casks ending up on auction platforms, aggressive sales newsletters or on price lists spreaded around wildly on social media. And, they really don´t like their whisky becoming a financial investment opportunity – because this increases the prices to unrealistic dimensions – and this prevents serious and honest independent bottlers from being able to afford to bottle these casks anymore. 


So, in short: we are happy to supply affordable casks of outstanding quality mainly to participants of the dinking sector: independent bottlers, specialist retail stores, importers of wine & spirits; as well as supermarkets or wholesalers of bottled whisky. We are also happy to supply Scotch whisky to whisky societies an groups. We are offering labels and can guide you through the bottling and shipping process. 


We are also consultants and we are helping to source rarities and old casks of whisky. But we are also evaluating prices per bottle and tell you if a price is realistic or not.