YOUR WHISKY CASK Whisky Is Our Passion


We are continously offering a wide range of new make spirit as well as Scotch whisky of all kinds. 


70- 80% of our casks of whisky on offer are maturing in 1st fill or 2nd fill wood, and we have established an outstanding quality control process. Most of the casks are ready for bottling in less than a year after purchase, but also to be kept for further maturation. 


We can supply spirit maturing in, for example:


• American bourbon Barrels
• Sherry and Port casks of various sizes
• Red wine barriques from Spain, France, Italy and Germany
• White wine casks, mostly from France and Germany
• International boutique casks (Tequila, Rum, Marsala, Madeira, etc)


We charge a fee of £75 per 10cl sample (+ shipping). This includes a reservation of the cask until 10 days after sending out a sample. If you decide to buy a cask afterwards, we credit this fee. We ask for your understanding that we need to do so as we can not provide samples to people who are not seriously interested in potentially buying spirit from us. Samples are not always possible.


We can give you up-to-date details of most of the casks that are in 1st or 2nd fill wood. Furthermore, we are also offering younger spirit maturing in refill wood. This means, we do not have any further specifications (we simply don´t know how often a cask has been used before) and we can not offer samples out of these casks. If a sample you have drawn later proves objectively poor quality or if the Angels were too thirsty, we grant partial, or full, refund of purchase as a credit note for alternative casks.