YOUR WHISKY CASK Whisky Is Our Passion

Whisky Is Our Passion

Like no other product, Scotch whisky stands synonymously for quality, tradition and lifestyle.


With the rapid increase in popularity over the last few years, the desire of many companies to fulfil their dream of bottling cask of whisky has grown. With our great many years of experience, we can certainly help any bottler who wants to buy a cask of whisky.


We always have a wide selection of fine whisky casks on offer: young spirit in amazing and creative cask types, whisky maturing in classic bourbon or sherry casks, and also older whisky rarities.

We Respect the Distillers’ Philosophy

Due to our proximity and exchanges with many distilleries, we know that they especially want their whiskies to be bottled and available to connoisseurs all over the world. Many of the distilleries do not want their casks to become purely speculative objects. However, auctions for whisky casks and attempts to make quick profits are rejected by many distilleries.


We respect this, and therefore our offers are intended only for bottling purposes and not for resale. Furthermore, we do not offer investment advice nor sell to companies who are offering whisky investments. Investment and tax advice are, rightfully, highly regulated and we are not in a position to offer assistance in this regard.

Casks for Commercial Use

If you are an independent bottler, a retailer, importer, or a whisky society wishing to bottle your own whisky, we would be delighted to support your business. We are offering a wide range of Scotch whisky from all regions of Scotland, as well as casks ready for bottling. The spirits we are selling are mainly maturing in 1st fill and 2nd fill wood – bourbon and sherry casks as well as a huge variety of other exceptional casks. We are continuously sourcing exceptional empty casks from different countries all over Europe, but also from USA and other countries.

Handling, Bottling & Shipment

Scotch Single Malt Whisky can be exported to nearly every country in the world – but, by law, only when filled into bottles. We are happy to assist our customers through the full process (sample, bottling, labelling, export management) – and we do also offer a variety of different labels if you don’t have your own one. Please contact us if you want to receive your very own whisky bottles!

Let´s get in touch

If you are representing a company or a whisky society, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us – please just fill out our contact form or send us an email to, we will contact you afterwards as we want to learn more about your needs before passing over offers.


Once we have registered you as a potential client you will receive offers from us, mostly by email.

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