YOUR WHISKY CASK Whisky Is Our Passion

About our offers

If you are interested in buying one of the casks on offer, please contact us. After you have told us that you are willing to buy a cask, please wait for our confirmation. We need a binding purchase intention, as we normally have more interested parties than casks on offer.


Please note that we work on a strict first-come-first-served basis. Usually, casks sell out very quickly just because of brand name, age, cask type and price. So we do not make any reservations especially for spirit maturing in refill wood. The amount of casks we are offering varies from time-to-time. Prices may also vary.


After you have ordered a cask, please wait for our confirmation and our invoice. Please note that this can take some weeks as especially older casks, offered not with a fixed price, but with a price per litre of remaining alcohol sometimes therefore require a re-gauge. Once the payment has been made, we arrange the transportation of the cask to the appropriate warehousing facility if it is not already stored there. The cost of the transportation will be charged as a lump-sum fee.


Once a cask has arrived or if it´s already in the warehouse where you like to keep it, we will send you a delivery order which transfers the cask into your ownership. Please keep this document safe. When you decide to bottle, you will probably need it.