Important Terms

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive e-mails about offers on our casks. If you are interested in buying one of the casks on offer, please contact us. After you have told us that you are willing to buy a cask, please wait for our confirmation. We need a binding purchase intention, as we normally have more interested parties than casks on offer.

Please note that we work on a strict first come, first served basis. Usually, casks sell out very quickly just because of brand name, age, cask type and price, so we do not make any reservations. The amount of casks we are selling varies from time to time. Prices may also vary.

After you have ordered a cask, please wait for our confirmation and our invoice. Please note that this can take some weeks as casks must be re-gauged and allocated finally. Once the payment has been made, we arrange the transportation of the cask to our storage area in a warehouse in Creetown (Lowlands), if it is not already stored there. The cost of the transportation is included.

When the cask has arrived, you will receive two documents with a copy each. The first document is a  ‘delivery note’ which proves your ownership. The second document is a simple form that instructs us to manage the cask under your name. Both documents must be signed and returned to us. Afterwards, you will receive a ‘certificate of ownership’. By ordering a cask, you agree to this procedure.

Please keep all these documents safe. If you decide to bottle or sell the cask, you will need them again.

Please note that we normally do not distribute samples in advance. After purchasing a cask of whisky, you can directly order a sample – and if this sample proves objectively low quality, we will withdraw the cask.

A full cask of whisky cannot leave the country – it has to be bottled first.

The labels of the bottles have to adhere to the regulations of the Scotch Whisky Association. When you want to bottle a cask and have the bottles sent to your country of residence, duties and taxes will apply according to local laws and regulations. We are not responsible for taxes and duties, and we cannot give you detailed information about the regulations in your country. If you want to receive the bottles you mostly have to register at your local customs office to pay taxes and duties in advance. There are a lot of forwarding companies operating worldwide who can manage all these topics for you according to regulations of your country also. All this is not needed when you are running are commercial bonded warehouse.

All casks are covered by a basic insurance (against theft, fire, etc.) for the value of their original purchasing price. We cannot insure or give guarantees for your cask against changes of the liquid due to problems with the wood during maturation or incidents like leakage.