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Now you can own your own cask of Scotch Whisky!

Like no other product Scotch Whisky stands synonimously for quality, tradition and life-style. Scotch is more propular than ever before and a continuously growing world wide community shows just how appreciated Scotch Whisky currently is. So why not become the proud owner of a Scottish whisky cask and take part in this unique way of life. With us, you can make this dream come true: simply order – being it as a private person or for your business – a quality cask of Scotch of your own choice.

We always have a wide selection of fine whisky casks on offer: New Make Spirit in amazing and unusual casks, three to nine years old classics, matured in Bourbon or Sherry Casks and also even older whisky rarities. Sometimes we are able to split the whisky of a cask up to more than one customer, depending on cask sizes. And we will manage everything for you here in Scotland: warehousing, selling your matured whisky to other clients, and, finally, bottling & shipping.

Whenever we have new casks on offer, we will inform you automatically via email. If you are representing a whisky club, a company or if you are interested in a cask for personal use or as an investment, please don’t hesitate to register here on our website. But please remember: we’re solely working on a first-come, first-served principal. Though it is illegal to ship full whisky casks from Scotland to other countries, there are no restrictions for you to become the owner of one.

Private Customers / Clubs & Societies
We´re selling primarily casks with new make or very young spirit to private persons or clubs. If you want to build up your own stock - as a kind of private investment or as an exciting hobby - we will support you, manage your casks and handle all bureaucratic requirements.

Casks for business purpose
If you´re an independent bottler, a broker or a retailer with own bottlings we would be delighted to support your business. We´re offering new make, casks for further maturation as well as casks ready for bottling. Please register to receive our offers, and please provide us with details about your business.