How it works

How it works
Buying Scotch whisky casks of high quality from us is simple. We will guide you through the purchasing process and guarantee simple and clear handling. 

We have contacts to distilleries, and brokers all over Scotland are constantly on the lookout for first-class and extraordinary whisky casks. If we find a cask of approved quality, we buy it and keep it in a warehouse in Scotland. The bandwidth of our casks on offer ranges from rarities to classics like bourbon barrels, hogsheads or sherry butts, to very young liquids maturing in an unusual rum or wine cask. Therefore, the prices for our casks vary. We also have new make on offer from time to time.

So if you are interested in our offers, please use the contact form on this website to register free of charge. You will then receive our newsletter with our latest casks on offer.

When buying one of our casks, you will receive an invoice in British pound sterling.

If you are a private person or representing a private society or club, we will remain as registered owner and keep duty representation against the UK customs authorities. Business customers can choose this service, too. Please note that the casks are under bond in bonded warehouses in Scotland. Full casks cannot be exported from Scotland. If you bottle a cask of whisky, duties will accrue according to the tax law in the country of consumption, and labels must correlate to the regulations of the Scotch Whisky Association.

Subscribing to our newsletter

If you subscribe to our newsletter which informs you about casks on offer, we need to know if you are looking for casks for private purpose, for a society or for a business. We also need to know in which country you live, as we may have to charge VAT for additional services.

All data is kept confidential. If you want to unsubscribe, please let us know or use the link at the bottom of our e-mails.


Individuals and private societies mainly receive offers including new make and young spirit. These casks are offered at fixed prices. As long as casks with new make or whisky are under bond, you do not have to pay VAT when buying a cask.

Customers who are looking for whisky for commercial use receive a wider range of casks on offer. This includes offers with a ‘price per return litre of alcohol / year’. Normally, these casks are re-gauged after an order has been placed and confirmed. The final prices of casks offered this way vary depending on the exact alcohol content of the cask. That is the reason why we are not offering those casks to individuals.


We sell all casks on a strict first come, first served principle, so we ask for your understanding that sometimes a cask is no longer available. Usually, casks sell out very quickly just because of brand name, age, cask type and price, so we do not make any reservations.


We ask for your understanding that we normally do not provide samples in advance. Casks of whisky – especially young whisky or new make – sell out very, very quickly. The important aspects are brand name, cask type, age and price, not the sample. Drawing samples takes weeks or months because our casks are stored in several warehouses all over Scotland until they are sold. If a sample is available, we will notify you in our newsletter. These samples are generally referencing samples drawn from one of several casks (‘Sister Cask’).

After purchasing a cask of whisky, you can directly order a sample – and if this sample proves objectively low quality, we will withdraw the cask.


After you have ordered a cask, please wait for our confirmation and our invoice. Please note that this can take some weeks as casks must be re-gauged and allocated finally. Once the payment has been made, we arrange the transportation of the cask to our storage area in a warehouse, if it is not already stored there. The cost of the transportation is included.

When the cask has arrived, you will receive two documents with a copy each. The first document is a  ‘delivery note’ which proves your ownership. The second document is a simple form that instructs us to manage the cask under your name. Both documents must be signed and returned to us. Afterwards, you will receive a ‘certificate of ownership’.

Please keep all these documents safe. If you decide to bottle or sell the cask, you will need them again.

Bottling & labelling

Your cask will be stored in a warehouse of a company that also offers to bottle your spirit for a small fee. If you would like them to bottle your cask, they will provide you with a simple form which must be filled out by you. Bottling fees, transport and, if applicable, duties and VAT are charged directly to you by the company.

The empty cask

Once you have bottled the whisky, you still own the empty cask. You can arrange transport together with the bottles or use it for a refill.

Selling a cask

If you would like to sell a cask, you can instruct us to find a purchaser. This is free of charge for you.